Health and Fitness for Busy People

Health and Fitness

Health is wealth, this is a phrase that many of us are familiar with, personally I couldn’t agree with this more because health is worth more than money or material riches and without it one’s quality of life is compromised. However with the business of this “age” many of us find ourselves pacing about trying to make the most of the twenty four hours that we have each day that we find ourselves making excuses for not working out regularly and eating healthier.

Personally with my tight schedule, I found myself battling with consistency when it comes to maintaining a full circle healthy lifestyle. In some weeks/days I find myself binging on bad carbs, takeaways and all the foods that aren’t good for my waistline, convincing myself each time l take a bite that I will run it off later in the gym while at the same time fully aware that the stress of the day may weigh me down so much so that training after hours will be mission impossible.

The build-up of these bad habits eventually led me to being exhausted physically and mentally because the body, like any other machine needs to be “serviced” regularly to make sure it doesn’t fail us.  The more l got physically exhausted the more I found myself drifting more towards the food cupboard in search of carb loaded foods in hope of comforting my already tired and uninterested body and mind which made me feel worse than l did initially.

Here’s the thing, allowing ourselves to be average and not holding ourselves accountable is the easiest thing in the world.  It is easy to become complaisant and mediocre and be OK with not pushing ourselves to be the best versions of ourselves. In his book: Being Brilliant Andrew Cope of talks about making the choice of either living in the mid-row and watching your life pass you by or having a front row sit and actively taking charge of your life. Same is true for our health as well, it’s up to the individual to be aware and actively ensure they don’t rob themselves of a healthier lifestyle.

Below are a few things that worked and are still working for me in this journey towards a healthier lifestyle:

Working-out first thing in the morning

Training in the morning sets a healthy tone for the day, I find that when I work-out first thing in the morning my day is more energetic, am in a better mood, more inspired and it’s easier for me to make healthy food choices throughout the day. This encourages me to continue, in the next day, the not so easy responsibility of striving to be healthier with each day.

Keeping a journal of what l eat

This is a very important but often over-looked step in the journey towards healthier living. Most likely than not, we underestimate the size portions of our meals just as much as we down play how often we have “cheat meals”. Keeping a journal has allowed me to be in-control of how much and what I put in my body, because the rough reality is that none of us can out-train a bad diet; and its always advised to consume less calories than we burn.

Packing Lunch

As busy people we find that everything is fast paced and majority of the time we put less priority on packing our lunch simply because there’s so much to do and packing lunch just doesn’t make it to the top of our priority list. However packing our lunch allows us, again, to be in-control of what we eat and thus our calorie intake. Takeaways are easily every “health freak’s” enemy because they are stuffed with so many good, sweet ingredients that have no health benefits to our bodies and quite frankly takeaways are easily the main reason many of us relapse to an unhealthy convenient lifestyle.

Make your workout schedule convenient

For many of us, if going to the gym is inconvenient or is out of our everyday route, we simply won’t go. To easily incorporate your gym visit into your daily routine its best to join a gym close to your workplace or home. Although one can workout at home, the truth is that working out with other people motivates us and we draw inspiration from each other.

Squeeze in a weekend workout

It’s normal for many of us to miss a workout session during the week, it’s not the end of the world, and you can make up for it during the weekend. On the brighter side, weekend workouts also encourage us to stick to healthier food options. This is an added benefit knowing very well that most of unhealthy eating happens on weekends.

Hopefully incorporating the above tips will make your health journey that much smoother!


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