Body, Mind & Soul: Pamper Me Bath Time

Without a doubt, this is my favorite time of the day. After hours of sweating in this unforgiving summer heat, I prefer to set the relaxing scene perfectly by using the products below which include candles, bath bombs and a glass of wine coupled with soothing gospel or spa music to take away all the days’ burden off my distressed shoulders.

At least once a week, I find myself dutifully and determinedly giving my skin, mind and soul the care it deserves. To successfully do this, in addition to the other products/items mentioned above, I also rely on bath oils, together with body scrubs for maximum exfoliation to get rid of all the dead skin in orde to reveal a much smoother and glowing skin. The products below are my absolute favorite.

Bath Bombs – they contain baking soda and citric among coconut oil, milk, Shea butter and other essential oils and they smell amazing… giving that much needed aromatherapy experience. They leave the skin feeling moisturised, soft and smelling great to. Without a doubt these little balls of “fun” that come in different shapes and colors will leave you pampered and squeaky clean. I order mine from Fruugo.


African Ximenia Scrub – I am absolutely in awe of this product. It’s subtle in smell and rich in oil which gives it the added benefit of a velvet feeling against yourskin. Thisscrubensures that my skin is left feeling much smoother and “baby soft” after exfoliating awaythe dead skin cells. I use this at least twice a week either in the shower or tub. I get mine from the body shop and it retails for R340.



Shower Gloves – this is undoubtedly a must have in my bathroom. Made from woven nylon, these “babies” gently cleanse and exfoliate my skin. You can use these with either soap or shower gel and they are gentle enough for everyday use. They conveniently come with a loop for hanging after use. I purchase mine from Clicks for R34.95.



Candles – My partner always lovingly mocks my love for candles because am always talkingaboutthem and lighting them during bath time and dinner time. Candles somehow soothe my soul and there’s something about the hypnotic effect that helps me relax. Personally l can’t do without scented candles in our home. They are infused with beautiful oils that smell amazing. I love candles from Yankee candle, they have a wide variety of scents to choose from and despite the price you will love them because they are of great quality and they last long. My favorite scent is the vanilla cupcake. They come in different sizes I prefer the large bar because it lasts for long (between 110-150 hours of burn time) and it retails for R398. Prices vary depending on the size.


Glass of Wine– This is purely when I want to “adult,  forget my worries and feel luxurious” I enjoy natural sweet wine especially an in the tub; theres something about it that makes me feel like am in Rome. My partner and best friend have both tried to make me enjoy dry red wine and they failed, not dismally though becauseI find myself having an “on and off” relationship with dry red wine.


Spa Music – l listen to a lot of relaxing music of yellow brick cinema for some reason their music clears negative thoughts in my space and helps me to relax. For those studying, it also recharges your mental focus and helps to easily absorb/understand your read.  I would love to know what your favorite / pamper me time products are


Hope you enjoyed, thanks for stopping by. Take care beauties.



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