Scent Edition: Black and Gold Tones

Hope you all are doing great this festive season. Am on a month long holiday and I must say I haven’t felt this relaxed in a while. ?

Today am inspired to share with you two of some of my favorite scents, particularly the ones I have been enjoying this holiday period, namely Roberto Cavalli Nero Assoluto and Alaia Paris.

Little secret, surprisingly for someone who can stay for months without wearing perfume, I love collecting them. There’s a certain jenesequa that l feel when l wear any of my perfumes; something that makes me feel like l have really completed my outfit.

I’ve also grown to realize that without any thought to it, the perfume that I wear on a particular day is based on my mood and influences my mood. For example, on days that l want to feel luxurious, modern and classy I wear Lancome La vie est belle EDP Intense.


Roberto Cavalli: Nero Assoluto

75ml Retails for R1,440 @Woolworths – this scent is a hit for those that prefer floral, woody notes that are warmed up by the intensity of vanilla. This has been a day time favorite for me this summer. Gosh each time its notes settle on my skin, it smells like nectar, so fresh and subtle yet very effortless, clean and makes me feel like myself. Further read on the notes here

Alaia Paris EDP

50ml Retails for R1,270 @Woolworths: this contemporary creation has a combination of cool and warm tones. Alaia Paris opens with airy top notes, an abstract of floral heart and a base of animal and musky notes that’s easy to fall in-love love. From a perfume perspective this was a worthy investment, its unlike any other perfume that l own, its stands out perfectly both in the day or night, summer or winter. Am absolutely in-love with this scent and each time I wear it, friends, family and strangers complement me on it. What an awesome buy!! Further read on the notes here

Have fun, stay safe this season and recharge for 2018.
Much Love!

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