New Year Resolutions and Staying Motivated

It’s a new year; l am hoping you all had a fantastic 2017 and l am wishing you all an even greater 2018.

With the start of each year, we find ourselves scribbling our goals for the year on some notepad, with the greatest desire to achieve them and make a success of the year.

In the beginning of the year it is important to set the tone of what it is we wish to achieve, be it starting over or picking up where we left off. One thing for certain is that we draw energy and inspiration from others, hence its important to look towards others for inspiration to stay motivated.

However, what usually happens before the end of the year’s first quarter is that our list of resolutions goes missing, probably tossed away in some rubbish bin somewhere and we abruptly let go of our plans for the year, going through each day as it comes, wondering at the end of the year why there wasn’t as much change as we had initially anticipated.

This leads to  much thought provoking questions: what are the factors that cause us to abandon our New Year resolutions barely four months into the year? Could it be laziness or lack of will power? Maybe yes, maybe no. Expert studies have found that there are a number of factors leading to half achieved and forgotten resolutions, these include:

False Hope Syndrome

This sees people having resolutions that are considerably impractical and unaligned with internal views of themselves. It is important that we be realistic when setting our goals because setting goals that we don’t believe in will not only lead to failure but it can also be damaging to our self-worth when we fail to achieve.

Cause and Effect Relationship

For example some people think that if they exercise more and loose weight, get rid of all their debt and make new friends their whole life will change, and when it doesn’t, naturally one will get discouraged and slide back to old behavior’s and habits.


As an individual you have your own journey, your own life to live and in your own pace. Setting goals to compete with someone is immature and meaningless because it stops you from being true to yourself.

Too Much Thinking and Less Action

While this is self explanatory, it is important to thoroughly think about your plan and it is equally just as important if not more to get “cracking” and put in the work required to succeed.

Not Enjoying the Process

Good things don’t come to those who wait, they come to those who work for them. Achieving takes a lot of hard work and sometimes impatience kicks in and we find ourselves questioning “if it is even worth it”. Hang in there, smile and enjoy the process…there is a rainbow at the end of the tunnel.

Below are a few tips that can help in keeping and achieving your New Year resolutions:

Be Realistic

This will make your journey more enjoyable, less frustrating and realizing the progress along the way will keep you motivated to the end.

Simplify Your Resolutions

An easy way to achieve this is to break your goals into smaller, more manageable chunks. This will make it easy for you to track your progress and encourage you to keep going.

Set Timelines

Setting a timeline is important for your motivation, it is your success indicator as it helps you to assess your short-term goal against your end goal.

Receive Support

A strong support network is vital; these are the individuals that help you to keep going when you feel you can longer go on. Choose family and or friends that have shown themselves to be supportive, reliable and trustworthy, share your goals with them and advise them on how you would like them to support you when you fall off the wagon or when the going gets tough.

Don’t Give Up

Challenges are inevitable and they should not be an excuse to give up. When you lose motivation, remember your past achievements and don’t be too critical of yourself. Always pick yourself up and try again.

Friends, the year is still young, there is more than enough time for us to make it a notable one filled with significant achievements.

In this life, nothing worthy is freely given. Gotta work for all we aim to achieve.

Cheers to a grand year; all the best!


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