Taking Stock – What Is Your Purpose?

We are in the last quarter of the year; my family and l are grateful to the Lord Almighty for the gift of life. It is very important to acknowledge that we are HERE for a reason, a reason bigger than breathing and merely just living. But what is that reason? What is the purpose of your existence? Have you figured that out yet? The truth is that many of us are still unsure and are wondering in a daze what our reason for existence is. I must admit that often l also find myself lost in thoughts of what and how exactly l should fulfill my destiny.


Our destinies are much bigger than how much we make, the exclusive estates we live in, the cars we drive, the champagne we drink to unwind nor the oysters we have for dinner when we are trying to feel fancy, lol.  As a people we need to allow ourselves to be vulnerable, to feel other people’s suffering, to concern ourselves with how we can positively impact the lives of others. Something as simple as putting clothes on someone’s back, a plate of food on someone’s table and something as underrated as the human touch & time which mean more than material gifts.

The Uncomfortable Truth

Let’s have an honest, hard and uncomfortable conversations with ourselves; how would you feel if you needed a helping hand and no one was reaching out? Time is limited and cannot be bought, while we are living the best life we can afford, I challenge each one of us to think about the difference we can make on other people’s lives.  Not only will this make a positive difference in the receiver’s life, but it will also help us to live more meaningful lives in a vain world.

In Closing

All of us have a social responsibility, a human responsibility. We are not “jungle” residents, we are people FIRST and it is our DUTY to take care of our brothers and sisters. Let us not be consumed by selfishness and greed, sharing is caring, and a helping hand never lacks.

Do the right thing & play your part!

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