Taking Stock – What Is Your Purpose?

We are in the last quarter of the year; my family and l are grateful to the Lord Almighty for the gift of life. It is very important to acknowledge that we are HERE for a reason, a reason bigger than breathing and merely just living. But what is that reason? What is the purpose of your existence? Have you figured that out yet? The truth is that many of us are still unsure and are wondering in a daze what our reason for existence is. I must admit that often l also find myself lost in thoughts of what and how exactly l should fulfill my destiny.

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Relationships: The Joys & The Challenges

The joys and challenges of relationships.

It’s arguably true that the most sought after of emotions is that which we find in romantic relationships with a like-minded, loving, self-loving, accepting, respectful, self-aware and faithful partners.

Love is, again, a very much misunderstood feeling hence you find people loving incorrectly, nurturing or encouraging their partners to partially love them. In their minds they convince themselves that it’s better to be partially loved or respected in a relationship than to be alone.

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